My Faves From The 2011 Dallas Auto Show

For the first time since I was about 14 years old, I had the opportunity to take a walk around the 2011 Dallas Auto Show.  While it definitely seemed bigger when I was a kid, I was still amazed by some of the mechanical masterpieces that were displayed.  The econobox eco friendly trends in the automotive industry have definitely had their effects, but it is still possible to find some powerfully designed and often awe inspiring vehicles still available, if you have the cash of course.  They are still nice to look at though.  Here are some of my favorites.

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Soap Bubble Printer

This would go under things that are awesome, yet I’m not sure the point of.

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Can I Have this Phone Please?

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Need to Have a Man Cave

… so I can have these lamps. I don’t think the girlfriend would approve.

pipe lamps

Beautiful Plumbing Pipe Lamps

Neat DIY Alternative Engine

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