Charlie and the Apple Factory

Did you ever wonder where Apple get it’s magic that goes into iOS?

We are all cyborgs

Watch this, then try to tell me you disagree.
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Facebook Awarded Trademark For the Word “Face”

Really… I can not make these things up:

Late yesterday, the US Patent and Trademark Office sent Facebook a Notice of Allowance that it intends to allow the company to trademark the word “face.”


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Lifehacker: Things I didn’t Know I Needed

I think that should be Lifehacker’s tagline. But really, I need this.

The U-Socket Charges USB Devices without an Adaptor

Invisible Chair

I love the look on the people’s faces

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Bacon Plus iPad = Awesome

Need I say more…

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No More Foursquare Cheating

If you were cheating the social gaming, check-in system Foursquare by checking in to places from your couch, your fun is now over. Foursquare is “policing” check-ins now using GPS. I say, Great! People who try to game the system are ruining the fun for us nerds who actually wait to look at the menu at a restaurant because we have to check-in first.