The Effects of Alcohol

This is an interesting read: whether you enjoy a fine scotch or a brew on the weekends, knowing a little more about it is always a good thing.

Close up of a glass of scotch on the rocks

What Alcohol Actually Does to Your Brain and Body

Alcohol, like caffeine, has an enormous reputation but loose understanding in popular culture. Learn how it’s absorbed and how fast, why it’s essential to reality TV altercations, its paradoxical sexual effects, and its life-lengthening potential, whether red wine or Bud Light. More » – via LifeHacker

Fast Food Recipes You Can Make at Home

Lifehacker has 10 recipes of popular fast food items with recipes, and some videos on how to make these items. I’m thinkin’ I might need to make a Wendy’s Frosty, or two, or four.

How to make a Wendy’s Frosty — powered by

Man on Fire Leaps out of Skyscraper

(via Gizmodo)

DIY Motorcycle Rearview Camera with In-Helmet Display

Want to see what’s behind you when riding your sport bike without taking your eyes off the road? They make rear view cameras for that but [Nescioqd] wanted a rear display right in his helmet (PDF). He started by mounting a rear-pointing camera on the back of the bike, powered from the 12V feed for the taillight. On the display side of things he picked up a Myvu Crystal wearable display. This is like a pair of glasses that have small LCD screens were the lenses should be. [Nescioqd] removed one lens and mounted it inside the helmet.

(via Lifehacker)

Soap Bubble Printer

This would go under things that are awesome, yet I’m not sure the point of.

(via makezine)

Bacon Pancakes in a Can

… yes please!

I love me some pancakes! And Gizmodo tells me that Batter Blaster will be coming out with Bacon flavored soon!

Can I Have this Phone Please?

(via TechCrunch)

How To Stay Productive On the Road

If you travel for work, this 2 minute video is certainly worth your time.

Normal People Haven’t Heard of Groupon Yet

Business Insider: Normal People Haven’t Heard Of Groupon Yet… But They Think It’s A Great Idea

Shooting Bullets Through Water

Shooting Bullets Through Drops Of Water


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