This How I Feel About Buying Apps

a) Who doesn’t love the Oatmeal b) I’m pretty sure everyone agrees with this. I know I do.

Stop Motion Video: Old Technology, New Style

I am always impressed with stop-motion videos. I particularly like this one, a great combination of old and new.

(via Gizmodo – are we noticing a trend yet)

Riding On a Rocket

What it feels like to ride on the back of a rocket into the upper atmosphere: filed under things I’d like to do.

People Painted With Lights

Take a few moments and check out the photography on 46 People Painted With Light you’ll thank me!

Thoughts on Leadership Inspired by Our Founding Fathers

Today I read a pretty insightful post written by Bryan Ownby regarding leadership, and what our founding fathers would have to say about it over 200 years later.  The ideas that it sparked in me are included below.  You can check out the post here: What Would 5 Founding Fathers Say Today on Leadership?

I believe that these great leaders from our past would have much to say regarding the personal character of our leadership as a whole. A true leader must be a person of honor, courage, and impeccable character.

Needless to say, we all have faults which make us human, but we were warned by George Washington himself to stray from a partison style government in order to keep our goals as a people honest. Instead we neglected these teachings and have now been overrun by politics (politicians to be more precise) who act not in the interest of our country or it’s people, but allow their conscience to be swayed by the agendas of their political party, in order to keep the funding for their next campaign.

While this may speak only of government level leaders, it is not far from the truth in most companies today. Even as a leader of a small team, you must remember that your team will mimic your leadership style. If you do not hold true to honorable standards, you cannot expect anyone who follows you to act in anything other than a similar manner.

In short, be what you envision your team to be, and they will naturally follow.

Things I Will Not Be Eating

Don’t get me wrong, I love sushi, but I will not be eating these…

Sushi Poppers: A New Portable Sushi?


Need to Have a Man Cave

… so I can have these lamps. I don’t think the girlfriend would approve.

pipe lamps

Beautiful Plumbing Pipe Lamps

Things I Will Not Be Wearing

I present you with… the Inflatable Pillow Tie

As someone with quite a diverse collection of ties, I have to disagree with their moto of “as most functions that require a tie, deserve to be slept through.”

(via Gizmodo)

Ever Wondered What Was Inside a Twinkie?

Dwight Eschliman took a still life (photo) of the 37 ingredients in a Twinkie. Makes me wonder what are those 37 delicious ingredients?

(via makezine)

DIY- Homemade Projector

Trying to think of a reason that I need this… other than it would be fun to make.

Homemade Projector on Instructables

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