Pairing Beer with Food

There are numerous sources/reviews/guides on pairing wine with food, but a Lifehacker post this weekend on Pairing Beer with Food caught my attention.

awesome beer photography from flickr

Is there a right or wrong beer to pair with food? The answer from The Kitchn is:

“The very first rule of pairing beer and food is that anything goes. Seriously! If you’re in the mood for a stout but you also want to grill up some fish, there are no rules that say you can’t do this. In all my years of drinking beer, I haven’t once come across a pairing that out-and-out didn’t work. Some pairings are better than others, to be sure, but your own taste is the final judge.”

The full article does have some more specifics, like Pale Ale with Salads and Fish. I personally, like to cook with beer in my food. Perhaps I should share my burger recipes some day.